Fuzzie Stage Of Bengal Kittens - You Must Know Before Choosing One

Fuzzie Stage Of Bengal Kittens - You Must Know Before Choosing One

Bengal kittens go through what is known as the "ugly duckling" period, in which they acquire "fuzzies," which make the fur less contrasted and may hide real colour. This early "fuzzy" coat is a direct inheritance from his wild ancestors, giving natural predator protection.

Fuzzing (fuzzy - "frizzy", "indistinct") is a trait passed down from wild ancestors to Bengal cats, also known as Asian Leopard Cats. Little leopards, who were only starting to notice their surroundings, required protection to live in the forest. And what better way to safeguard them than with "disguising" colouring?

Fuzzing is a process that practically all Bengal kittens go through between the ages of one and four months. By about 8 months, the Bengal kitten is free of fuzzing. And occasionally this alteration lasts just 1.5 years. The kittens are clothed with greyish or whitish pale strands of fur that protrude in various directions. If the fuzzing is weak, the kitten's pattern seems somewhat darkened and unclear. When the fur coat is heavily fuzzed, it is nearly hard to perceive the pattern.

The fuzzing phase has different properties depending on tribal lineage:

  • The F1 and F2 Bengals feature more distinct and longer fuzzing.
  • Fuzzing is essentially non-existent in Bengal cat lines crossed with American Shorthair, Siamese, Burmese, and Abyssinian cats.
  • Kittens with glitter go through fuzzing faster than their siblings with non-shiny wool.
  • The beauty of Bengal kittens' colour is difficult to notice, and it is defined primarily by the undercoat, but these kittens leave the phase of fuzzing earlier than those that began the phase at the age of 1-1.5 months.

Here is an example of fuzzing on the photos of the same kitten presented below.

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