What is the different between a Pet, Breeding, or Show Quality Bengal Kitten

What is the different between a Pet, Breeding, or Show Quality Bengal Kitten

Choosing a Bengal kitten is an exciting venture, marked by the desire to welcome a feline companion with distinct traits that suit your lifestyle. Determining the quality of a Bengal kitten, whether for a pet, breeder, or show purposes, can be challenging due to the lack of standardized definitions. Breeders typically categorize kittens based on adherence to the Bengal Breed Standard, which can vary in interpretation.


A pet quality Bengal kitten is one that is considered suitable for a loving and caring home but may have traits or characteristics that deviate from the ideal standards outlined for the Bengal breed. These kittens are often sold as companions at a lower cost than those designated for breeding or show purposes.

The term "pet quality" doesn't imply that the kitten is of lesser value or unworthy; instead, it suggests that the kitten may have features, such as certain coat patterns, or markings, that fall outside the breed standards set by organizations like The International Cat Association (TICA). Additionally, faults like a kinked tail, a locket, or non-breed-accepted colors such as blue or cinnamon may result in a pet quality designation. It's more about the physical traits.

At Pawtopia Bengal, we enjoy rehoming kittens as pets because we love to see pictures and videos of them in their forever families. Regularly, you can find breed or higher quality kittens are marked as "pet" in our cattery.


A breed quality Bengal kitten is one that is considered suitable for breeding purposes, with traits and characteristics that align closely with the breed standards established by cat associations such as The International Cat Association (TICA). These kittens are typically selected by breeders for their potential to contribute positively to the Bengal breed's overall quality, adhering to specific physical and temperamental traits. Besides, breeders look for kittens without genetic faults that could affect the health or well-being of future generations.

Breeding Bengals are usually selected based on the breeder's goals. Some breeders may focus on overall improvement, while others may prioritize perfecting specific traits before moving on to others such as small ears, thick tails.

But being realistic, the perfect Bengal does not exist, either within or outside of the cattery. The only "perfect" Bengal available is one sold by a deceptive breeder.


Show quality kittens are the peak of Bengal kittens, considered the most expensive, but they must be purchased with caution. Catteries that frequently engage in cat shows are the best places to find show-quality Bengals.

Although some kittens are marked as "show quality", they are not always the exceptional ones. The best Bengal is subjective and varies based on the buyer's preferences. While some Bengals exceed the standard in certain areas, they are still exceptional Bengal breed examples. The Bengal Breed Standard, a guideline for breeders, is not the ultimate standard for the Bengal breed.

It's important to note that the decision to choose a suitable quality Bengal kitten often depends on the buyer's preferences, lifestyle, and whether they plan to own a pet or participate in breeding or showing activities.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on adopting one of our most beautiful Bengal kittens.
- Pawtopia Bengal Cat Breeder in Ontario, Canada.

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