Spottycat Yuumi

Yuumi is our Snow mink rosetted girl. She was born in Canada. She is a curious kitten, very smart and have the energy to play all day! She's a chatty cat and would meow back to you.

D.O.B: August 16, 2023
PK Def, PRA: N/N
Carries: Snow Lynx and Sepia (cs/cb), can produce Brown
Glitter: 2 copies for Glitter
Marble, Long Hair: No carries for by parentage

Documents: Yuumi DNA, PKDef, PRA, Color

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  • Sire - Spottycat Monty

    Brown/Black Spotted Bicolor
    Carries Charcoal and Snow Sepia
    TICA Registered
    Glitter Coat

  • Dam - Spottycat Izzy

    Brown/Black Spotted Bicolor
    Carries Snow Lynx
    TICA Registered
    Glitter Coat

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