Available Kittens

We are having 2 Brown, 2 Brown Charcoal Bengal kittens Upcoming Available after June 23/ 2024. Join our waiting list now to reserve your preferred kitten.

More photos and videos will be updated on our Instagram and Facebook @pawtopia.bengal

Waiting list will be contacted to choose the kittens before posting for adoption.

Check out Our Upcoming Litter Below and join our waiting list for future kittens.


  • Red Collar - Boy - Brown Charcoal

  • Pink Collar - Boy - Brown Charcoal

  • Blue Collar - Boy - Brown

  • Grey Collar - Boy - Brown

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Upcoming Litters


We are happy to breed exceptional Bengal kittens. Our cats are consistently partnered to produce the best Bengal kittens possible. Raised with love and attention, all of our Bengal kittens will provide you pleasure, love, and amazing memories!

We are committed to ethical breeding which means we do not overbreed our cats and will not force our Bengal cats to breed just to satisfy anyone's need.

  • Queen: Cerebrumart Anya of PawtopiaBengal

  • Planning for October 2024
    Expected Colors: Brown, Silver

  • Stud: Silver

    Expected Stud Carries:

  • Queen: Spottycat Yuumi of PawtopiaBengal

    About Her 
  • Planning for October 2024

    Expected Colors: Snow

  • Stud: Snow

    Expected Stud Carries: