What Clients Say!

  • Elaine

    "Thank you Pawtopia for helping me find a kitten. I am impressed by your professionalism, knowledge, and passion for bengal cats. When I needed help, you are very quick to respond to my questions. I love that you follow up with your clients after bringing the kitten home. The health guidelines are very very useful especially for a first time cat owner..."

  • Natasha

    "She is adorable! She is just super active. Little trouble maker. We love her."

  • Brianna

    "Sahara is amazing. You guys are awesome and I’ll definitely be coming back to you guys if I get another kitten so professional nothing negative to say at all. I’m so thankful for my playful mischievous new family member."

  • Samvel

    "Enzo is getting used to his new home! Each day, he explores more and more of his surroundings. Enzo loves everyone in the family, including my daughter. My wife was really happy when he came. When my kids are at school, she hangs out with Enzo!"

  • Svetlana

    "We are happy. We love her very much. She is adorable."

  • Kayla

    "In the future, when I’m ready for another cat, I’ll definitely be coming to you. All the kittens were well taken care of, very clean and sweet. And I love that I got to meet nala as well."

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