À propos de nous


Nous sommes un éleveur de chats Bengal enregistré situé à Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Nous nous efforçons de suivre le standard de la race dans notre programme d'élevage. Nous souhaitons améliorer la race Bengal tout en modifiant et en sélectionnant intentionnellement les qualités des chatons pour en faire le meilleur animal de compagnie Bengal prêt à rejoindre votre famille.

Notre meilleure approche pour établir une relation positive entre Pawtopia et nos clients potentiels est de produire des chatons Bengal avec un pelage magnifique, une santé exceptionnelle et un tempérament charmant.

  • PAWTOPIA Bengal is a dream comes true to us

    We've been around animal in our home town for 20 years. We've always wanted a dog companion but couldn't due to our busy schedule. Therefore, we ended up wanting "a dog but in a cat shape" as we know that cats are easier to keep than dogs but carry for dog personality would be so perfect! How funny it is that due to Lynn's allergy, she couldn't bear with cats. However, after researching, luckily we've found out that Bengal Cat is one of the most hypoallergenic breed in the short list.

    From the time we had our very first Bengal cat, we've been doing so good for almost 4 years and falling in love with their Leopard look alike appearance and amazing temperament: loyal, intelligent and energetic (just like a dog).

    It all started with a simple idea is to spread this wonderful feeling that a Bengal can bring into other families. With Lynn's experience in breeding other animals as well as owning a small pet store when she was 14, we decided to become a Bengal cat breeder in 2021.

    Our passion is to watch kittens growing up and then being adopted by their forever family. It’s a special thing to us!

    - Henry & Lynn

  • Health

    Our breeding cats are all health tested, regularly examined and received up to date vaccinations, free of fleas and ticks, so they could provide healthy kittens.

  • High Quality

    We focus to produce high quality Bengal with large, glitter and high contrast rosette pattern. That's what identify Bengal from the rest of other breeds and what we fall in love with the breed.

  • Temperament

    Social, playful, energetic, intelligent and friendly are what make our kitten a perfect pet companion.

  • TICA #108494

    PAWTOPIA BENGAL cattery is registered with TICA (The International Cat Association), the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed and domestic cats.

  • CFA #323499

    PAWTOPIA BENGAL cattery is registered with CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association), the largest registry of pedigreed cats.

  • Certified Bengal Cat Club Breeder Pawtopia Bengal Toronto Ontario

    Certified Bengal Cat Club Breeder

    PAWTOPIA BENGAL is proud to be the breeder member of Bengal Cat Club, one of the large Bengal community in the world.

  • Certified Cat Kingpin Bengal Breeder

    PAWTOPIA BENGAL is proud to be a certified breeder of Cat Kingpin, the internet’s #1 resource for all cat lovers.

  • Partner with Trupanion

    PAWTOPIA BENGAL cattery partners with Trupanion, one of the best pet insurance company in the world.

  • Partner with Big Country Raw

    PAWTOPIA BENGAL cattery partners with Big Country Raw, Canada's #1 Raw Pet Food Brand.