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What generation are your Bengals?

Our Bengals are all SBT (Stud Book Tradition) generation. SBT Bengals are what you'll normally find when looking for a Bengal. They're the result of breeding Bengals to other Bengals, and are at least four generations removed from an ALC.

Do your Bengal comes with health guarantee?

Our Bengals come with a 5-year health guarantee package*.

Are your Bengal purebred?

Our Bengals are considered purebred with pedigree and TICA/ CFA registration slip if requested.

What should I do if I want to adopt one our your available kittens?

You must fill out our application form before joining our waiting list or visiting/reserving our kittens. If everything suits you, you will need to leave a deposit of $500 to reserve your kitten.

Is there any available kittens?

Please check out our Available kittens, if there is no available kitten, please check out Planned Litters. Consider to join our waiting list if you want to be sure to have a kitten from us.

Why your kitten is so expensive?

Bengal cats are an expensive cat breed.

At Pawtopia Bengal, You would get what you paid for (Exellent Health-Outstanding Looking-Lovely temperament). Good news is we are trying to make them more affordable but still remain as high quality pet.

Our top quality Bengal kittens are purebred and registered with TICA, a well known pedigree cat association in the world. They would have the most stunning coat and be guaranteed about their health which many backyard breeder and unethical breeder wont offer.

What factors influence the price of our Bengal kittens?

There are 3 main factors that affect the price of our Bengal kittens:

  • The kitten's traits: generation, quality, age, temperament, and demand for such a kitten (often demand is associated with color)
  • What's included with the kitten.
  • The level of breeder care (possibly the most important factor!)

At Pawtopia Bengal, you would get what you pay for.

Why there are cheaper Bengals on the market?

"If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is"

You might experience:
-Not being able to visit the cattery and inspect and see the cleanliness, health of the animals yourself and size/style of their habitats/environment.
-Being charged to deliver a kitten to the client because they don't allow visitors.
-Not being able to meet the parents of the cats.
-Not being able to see TICA/CFA registrations for each breeding cat
-Not being able to see health records of all of the cats and kittens at the cattery.
-Extremely early neutering (8 wks to 12 wks) which can cause growth plate development issues, other development issues and expensive future surgerys ($2500 per hip x 2 for one client that received a kitten that was neutered too early - 2 individual Vet opinions). (BTW Early neutering at 4 - 6 months seems to be fine and I haven't seen issues come from this time period).

Are you an ethical breeder?

We are proud to see our kittens graduated from our cattery healthy, pretty and have a good temperament. As we focus on operating a clean, family oriented cattery. We keep it small scale so we could focus on each of our cats and kittens.

When looking to adopt from a breeder, make sure you have a chance to visit the cattery to see if the facility is clean and free of odour. The kittens are well-taken and looking happy and playful.


What is the currency of your price?

Canadian Dollar (CAD).

What payment do you take?

We accept cash or etransfer.

Do I have to place a deposit to hold a kitten?

Yes! When you are in love with a kitten, a deposit of $500 must be sent as soon as possible if you would like to secure him

The deposit will be subtracted from the total amount.

When will the remaining amount due?

The remaining amount will be due prior or on the day of picking up.

Can I cancel a kitten after placing a deposit for him?

Unfortunately, after placing a deposit for a specific kitten, we could not refund/ exchange the deposit if you decide to cancel. Please consider before placing it.

Pickup & Delivery

When your kitten is available to pick up?

Our kittens are normally can be picked up at 12 week old. Sometimes, it might take more time at around 14-16 weeks for him to ready to go home.

What should I bring with me on the day of picking up?

You should bring a carrier with some blanket to cover the top and to put inside.

Do you offer delivery?

Normally, we encourage clients to come to pick up the kittens at our place. We do deliver with a fee or air shipping.

About Bengal breed

Do Bengal gets along well with children and other animals?

Yes! Bengal kittens adore children, dogs, and other cats because they provide them with stimulation. It's only a matter of time until they start sleeping and playing together. Make sure your new Bengal kitten is around by respectful children and dogs.

I have a male/female cat at home. Which gender of the Bengal should I get?

It makes no difference what gender your new kitten is as long as both are neutered or spayed. They will get along great whether they are the same gender or not. The age difference will be more noticeable.

What makes a better companion between male and female Bengal?

There isn't much of a difference between the sexes as long as your pet is neutered or spayed. Males are often more affectionate, while females are more autonomous; nevertheless, we have discovered that girls may be incredibly affectionate and loving as well. There might be introverted guys and outgoing girls, and vice versa. It all depends on their own characteristics. Each kitten or cat is unique, which is why we always attempt to match the appropriate Bengal cat with the right household.

I have allergy to cats, can I adopt a Bengal?

Although the Bengal cats are hypoallergenic. You could have observed that you have less or no allergic symptoms to them than to other cats. However, we cannot promise that you will not acquire allergies in the future. We also do not provide a trial period, so make sure you are making the best decision for you and your Bengal before adopting him.

Does Bengal need grooming?

Bengals require less care owing to their short coat, but they benefit from brushing just like any other cat. They shed less than other breeds, although they do shed, and they are slightly to very hypoallergenic. Their coat is simple to care for, and their claws may be trimmed if necessary.

What food should I give to my Bengal?

Bengal cats do have a sensitive stomach so make sure that you give them a really healthy and varied diet (raw is what we recommend), or using always top quality wet food (TIKI)

When should I let my Bengal kitten to go outside?

Always keep them indoor and away from any outdoor animal until they get fully vaccinated at around 16 weeks. You can start to walk them outside or train them when they reach 5 months.

Can I train my Bengal?

Of course you can! Bengals are very intelligent so they learn the trick pretty quick. We also offer FREE training for clients who adopted our Bengals.

I only live in a small apartment, can I still have a Bengal?

Yes, you can. As long as you provide him with plenty of cat trees to jump, a wheel to run, playing time or even consider getting a playmate for him to keep him entertained and happy.

I am very busy, can I still have a Bengal?

If you aren’t home for the bigger part of the day, consider bringing a second kitty into your home so your Bengal doesn’t get upset. This breed needs a company.

How energetic is a Bengal?

Bengal cats are very high energetic. They might get bored and depressed if you don't play with them enough. Please consider to adopt a playmate for him if you are too busy.

Is Bengal cat restricted in my state?

A Bengal cat has to be four generations away from its wild ancestors ALC or its ownership is deemed illegal in some states.

However, our Bengals are SBT generation which means they are at least four generations removed from an ALC.

*Check your state's regulations before buying or adopting a Bengal cat.

What is Bengal cat personality?

Overall, Bengal cats are confident, curious, and happy.
They are no more aggressive than the average domestic cat, and, as with all cats, their temperament can be molded with training.
They are also friendly and loving, and it's not unusual for them to develop great loyalty to a single family member.

Do Bengal cats make good house pets?

Bengals are very entertaining and affectionate. They make great pets, but you have to be prepared for their playful personality and incredible intelligence. Like their ancestors, Bengal cats are very active creatures. They are energetic and require entertainment. They run and jump a lot, so if you want a peaceful lap cat, the Bengal is not for you.

Do Bengal cats like to go outside?

These cats like exploring. Bengals will not rest until they have explored every inch of the home. They also like going for walks outside, and leash training is not a problem for them. This is due to the fact that Bengal cats require mental stimulation. These felines appreciate being trained and enjoy learning new skills.

Why do Bengal cats meow so much?

Bengal cats are intelligent and talkative. They frequently meow when bored and express their annoyance if you do not give them the attention they crave. Remember that these felines not only need attention but will go to any length to obtain it, so don't ignore them.

Can you leave Bengal cats alone?

Bengal cats enjoy company and become lonely quickly, therefore leaving a cat alone for lengthy periods of time is not suggested. If you won't be able to spend time with your Bengal cat every day, consider adding another pet to your household. Bengals are quite sociable and get along well with other animals.

Do all Bengals have litter box issues?

Some say they do, some don't. From our point of view, Bengals in particular are very picky about a clean litter box, make sure you clean at least 1 time per day or consider to get an automatic litter box. Other factors that may affect to their litter box issue are where you place the litter box, what food you feed them, their stress level, not having enough playtime, loneliness, etc.

What is Bengal life span?

The life span of the Bengal cat is 10–16 years.

How does my Bengal drink water?

The majority of Bengals prefer to drink fresh water from a tap or a water fountain. Don't be shocked if your Bengal cats play with the water if it comes in a dish.

Do Bengals need a company?

Bengal cats, in fact, do not do well when left alone and may get into all sorts of mischief when bored and left to their own devices. They normally perform best when they are accompanied by another cat. Bengal cats are quite demanding.

How to catify my home for Bengal cats?

If you want a Bengal cat, you must provide vertical room. These cats are incredibly energetic and athletic, and they want space to blow off steam. Ramps, shelves, and hammocks may all be quite useful. Other choices for encouraging your cat to climb, play, and scratch without harming your furniture include cat trees and towers. It is suitable to provide access to a wide outside area.

What is common genetic problem of Bengal cat?

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA or PRA-b), Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK Def), and HCM.

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What are the physical characteristics of the Bengal cats?

The Bengal cat is a highly athletic animal with exceptional strength, agility, balance, and elegance. Bengals may range in coat and colour, but they always have the same strong frame and lustrous hair.

What is the coat and color of Bengals?

The coat of the Bengal cat may have spots, rosettes or marbles.

The Bengal colors include brown, snow (lynx, mink, sepia), silver, charcoal, blue, melanistic, and combined color among these.

How big does a Bengal cat get?

Bengal cat size is the same as that of other household cats. Bengal cats, while appearing larger due to their muscles, do not grow much larger than other cats.

The typical Bengal does not reach full maturity until it is roughly 2 years old. An average Bengal female weighs between 8 and 10 pounds at maturity, while a typical male weighs between 10 and 15 pounds.

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